Hello there!

I have one long name, to make it short, you can call me with Saz. I started blogging since 2008, I wrote every single things that popping out of my head. In 2011, I gave birth to one little girl, and my whole life is changing, even my blogpost also changed! Yup, I write a lot about me being a mother, I share my recipe, and I forgot about being myself.

In between, I became a contributor for Mommies Daily, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Cosmopolita Pregnancy (now, Pregnancy) Magazine. In 2016, I set up a Brand Communication & Digital Consulting company with Grace and Fikri, we called ourselves MRC.

I still have a lot in my mind. This blog is one of my therapy session. With writing, I can find myself in peace. Also, I want my daughter to be able to look back about her life as a tiny human by browsing around my blog.

Hopefully my blog can be useful for all people around the world.



P.S : You can still read my old entries on http://sazqueen.wordpress.com