I’d rather known as a cold hearted woman instead of a fake one…

So judge me. I’m being rational here. None of what’s inside my heart says loud through my act, or written on my face. I do know how does it feel to be on your shoes now. So no. You can’t compared with what’s going on if you try on mine. Not a single chance.

People says I am cold hearted. People mocked me when I didn’t cry on my dad funeral. People says I don’t have that kinda feeling.

It’s okay.

All I know, life won’t stop running. Logically speaking, my decision is right. Though I know some people would judge me as the one who don’t know how to react. 

Well, I trained to be like this. So please judge me as hard as you can. And when you finished, you will know that your life isn’t stop running too. Even if you feel like somebody stopped it. No, it is not. 

There, you will say “now I know…”

And I will reply with “you are most welcome!”

One thought to “Cold Heart?”

  • Vera

    Salam kenal dari Blitar mbak,, follback yaa 🙏😁 oh ya saya vera


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